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*Not Affiliated with the brand Hyperice

2019 Summer | 2 weeks | Personal Project | Electronics

What will Hyperice do next? Hover is a wobble board designed for knee recovery and training. The visual tracking of your balance helps athletes better focus.

This project is focused on coming up with a new product that fits in the brand identity and carries its design language.

Sports Vision Training

Sports vision training looks at things like hand-eye coordination, dynamic visual activity, visual reaction time, peripheral vision, and tracking focusing.

  • Focusing: changing focus from one object to another quickly and clearly

  • Hand-eye and Body-eye Coordination: being able to use your eyes to direct the movements of hands, body, and other specific limbs.

  • Balance: ability to stay upright and in control of body movement


Speed up the recovery process

Improving the existing wobble board design with lighting features and accelerometer to help the user focus on balancing and practice their Body-eye coordination.

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Hyperice products and style

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