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In a furniture history class, we design a furniture piece inspired by the time period we covered each week.

Here are my works, showing my interest in furniture design!

These concepts take me a few hours to 2 days from ideas to renderings/3D.


Inspired by the wingback chair design, which creates a personal space with the two extended wings at the side.

Due to the pandemic, I need to work at home. My desk is running out of space and I need a separate space to define work and rest.

Why not using the wings to create a personal workspace and take that extended surface to put my tools.



The proportion of Mackintosh's design is iconic. I want to capture the grided pattern and instead of going vertical, I want to design a bench with the proportion sideway.



A new take of the Red and Blue chair. The usage of frosted glass gives it another depth in space and movement still maintains the geometric elements from De Stijl.


Inspired by Mies's chair design. He used tubular steel to create a minimal structure for chairs and the chrome finishing reflection makes it almost disappear in the environment like floating in the air.

The trend of people standing or leaning to a perch when they are at work. It looks like sitting on an invisible chair. I want to design a premium perch that share the same feeling as Mies's design.


A Tea cart design.


I want to use an object that can represent the era we are living in.

What is more iconic than a mask in the COVID time?

This pure pop art mask bench deserves to stay in a museum as a mark or our history.


Learning from Florence Knoll and the Eameses. This week we design something distilled, clean, simple. 

This lounge chair provides the user with a layback sitting position.


This week we cover some designers who did organic furniture. The one I love the most is the designer of the Butterfly stool, Sori Yanagi.

I try to capture his take on using molded plywood in a simple organic form. My chair design is about simplicity, flow, and craftsmanship.

Untitled_Artwork 129.jpg
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